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This site is tribute, memorial, and inspiration to Helen Wingard Hill.

Helen Hill (May 9, 1970 – January 4, 2007) was an American animation filmmaker and social activist who lived in New Orleans, Louisiana.

On December 30, 2009, the Librarian of Congress named Hill’s film Scratch and Crow (1995) to the National Film Registry, a list of aesthetically, historically, and culturally significant American motion pictures. The Library’s news release stated: Helen Hill’s student film was made at the California Institute of the Arts. Consistent with the short films she made from age 11 until her death at 36, this animated short work is filled with vivid color and a light sense of humor. It is also a poetic and spiritual homage to animals and the human soul.

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  2. Courtney Egan says:

    We did a fundraiser here in New Orleans last weekend, May 8th. It was called the Helen Hill Birthday Fundraiser. Lots of filmmakers showed work, there were cupcakes and a fashion performance, music by friends of Helen and Paul’s, selling of DVDs and a drawing for Florestine keychain viewfiinders – and it was really successful – we raised almost $1000. Here’s a link to some photos on Facebook:
    and more info about the fundraiser here
    thanks for keeping this site going,