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Here is some information on the new Helen Hill Animated Award from the Linda Joy Media Arts Society:

The Linda Joy Awards are presented annually to filmmakers in the Atlantic region of Eastern Canada by the Linda Joy Media Arts Society (LJMAS). The region includes the Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. The city of Halifax, where Helen and Paul lived until 2001 is in Nova Scotia. This is where Helen was very active at the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative as a filmmaker and teacher. Helen Hill was a two-time recipient of the LJ Awards.

Because of the significant presence Helen had in the film community here, it was decided, especially in light of the considerable number of spontaneous suggestions from the community, that the annual Helen Hill Animated Award should be established in her memory.

The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative are sponsoring the Award with the provision of equipment and editing facilities, as well as an amount of film stock. Also supporting the Award are the Centre For Art Tapes, the New Brunswick Filmmakers Cooperative, and the CTV Television Network.

Available details about applications, eligibility and deadline can be found at the Linda Joy website, lindajoy.com. A complete description of the Award and all its sponsors will be distributed as soon as available.

The Linda Joy Media Arts Society and its sponsors are pleased and honoured to be able to offer this Award.

Any inquiries can be directed to the LJMAS office at 902.420.4522, or by email at info@lindajoy.com. Online information about the Helen Hill Animated Award, the Linda Joy Awards or the LJMAS is available at lindajoy.com.

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