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This just in from Jake:

tomorrow (Saturday, Oct 13th) the CBS show “48 Hours
Mystery” will profile, in part, my sister Helen and her murder that
occurred this past January in New Orleans. The show airs on CBS at 10
p.m. EST. A preview trailer of the show, as well as a link to one of
my sister’s films, “Tunnel of Love”, can be accessed at the “48 Hours
Mystery” home page link, which is:


Since there have been no breaks in the case to date, my family and I,
and my brother-in-law Paul and his family, are hoping that this
renewed attention on a national stage will invigorate the
investigation. With that said, there is a new team of NOPD detectives
on the case, and I am encouraged by their dedication, and remain
confident that the case will eventually be solved.

We greatly appreciate the continuing love and support that so many
people have continued to give us over the past nine months.

I will be recording the episode in Los Angeles, so if anyone misses it, please contact me to see it.

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