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Anthology Film Archives is hosting a memorial screening of ten of Helen Hill’s newly restored films at 8pm on Wednesday October 24th.

Admission will be $9, and a substantial portion of the proceeds will go to the 529 Educational Fund set up for Helen’s son, Francis Paul Gailiunas. The entire program should last a little over an hour.

Anthology Film Archives:
32 Second Ave. (at 2nd Street)
ph. (212) 505-5181

From their program:

This program of newly-preserved short films made by New Orleans-based
filmmaker Helen Hill includes animated and experimental works made
between 1990 and 2006. Because she never used a distributor and
because much of her creative work was damaged or lost in the
post-Katrina floods of 2005, it’s a small miracle that so much of her
output is suddenly available, and in vivid new 16mm prints. When her
tragic death made headlines at the beginning of this year, it quickly
became clear how many people Helen Hill’s work and life had affected.
Among the outpourings of affection and tribute was the collective
effort of many who came together to make this preservation and
restoration work happen: Colorlab, Harvard Film Archive, BB Optics,
New York University, the University of South Carolina, Women’s Film
Preservation Fund, The Maxine Greene Foundation, the Orphan Film
Symposium, the Nickelodeon Theatre, and the Center for Home Movies.

Helen Hill’s films are hand-drawn, figurative pieces infused with
humor and a loving spirit. Many blend live-action with pixilation,
cut-out, and cell animation. Collectively they are a batch of utopian
love letters, addressed to particular people, communities, and the

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