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Here is some information on the new Helen Hill Animated Award from the Linda Joy Media Arts Society:

The Linda Joy Awards are presented annually to filmmakers in the Atlantic region of Eastern Canada by the Linda Joy Media Arts Society (LJMAS). The region includes the Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. The city of Halifax, where Helen and Paul lived until 2001 is in Nova Scotia. This is where Helen was very active at the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative as a filmmaker and teacher. Helen Hill was a two-time recipient of the LJ Awards.

Because of the significant presence Helen had in the film community here, it was decided, especially in light of the considerable number of spontaneous suggestions from the community, that the annual Helen Hill Animated Award should be established in her memory.

The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative are sponsoring the Award with the provision of equipment and editing facilities, as well as an amount of film stock. Also supporting the Award are the Centre For Art Tapes, the New Brunswick Filmmakers Cooperative, and the CTV Television Network.

Available details about applications, eligibility and deadline can be found at the Linda Joy website, lindajoy.com. A complete description of the Award and all its sponsors will be distributed as soon as available.

The Linda Joy Media Arts Society and its sponsors are pleased and honoured to be able to offer this Award.

Any inquiries can be directed to the LJMAS office at 902.420.4522, or by email at info@lindajoy.com. Online information about the Helen Hill Animated Award, the Linda Joy Awards or the LJMAS is available at lindajoy.com.

Cory Bates, Helen and Paul’s brother-in-law, has created a cause on facebook.com, “Peace for Helen Hill”

This is Cory, Paul’s brother in law, Amy’s husband. I just wanted to pass on the message for all those who live in New Orleans that there is a cause on Facebook now for Helen, not only to keep her memory alive and spreading but to keep the hope alive that someone out there might know something and is afraid to come forward in any other way. I would like to have as many people sign up for this cause and to tell anyone they know about it.. who knows what might happen or what might come of it.

First, add Causes to your facebook profile, then you can join Peace for Helen Hill


Gothtober.com – a halloween countdown calendar – was a project that Helen was involved in for the last four years. The call for artists has just gone out, so if you feel like making some halloween art, please check it out.

Helen Hill Memorial Tribute
Saturday, June 9, 2007
Adams House Pool Theater
Harvard University
13 Bow Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Dear friends of Helen,

We wanted to let you know that there will be a special Tribute to Helen Hill on Saturday, June 9th, 3pm-6pm at the Adams House Pool Theater at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

The weekend of June 9th would have been Helen’s 15th reunion at Harvard, and she & her husband Paul Gailiunas had hoped to attend to reconnect with old friends and introduce everyone to their sweet son, Francis Pop.

In attendance at the tribute will be Paul, Francis Pop, Helen’s parents Becky & Kevin Lewis, her brother Jake, sister-in-law Brett, and nephew Wyatt.

You don’t have to be a fellow classmate in order to attend the tribute – it’s open to all. Helen’s family would really love for anyone who can make it to Cambridge that weekend to attend.

The tribute will start with a screening of ten lovingly restored 16mm prints of Helen’s films. Afterwards, there will be a reception to share stories and celebrate her spirit and her lasting impact on all of us.

Paul, Becky and their entire family would love to hear stories about Helen. Her mom writes, “She was so much fun, and talking about her keeps her memory vibrant, and that’s what we want to do.”

For the event:
1) After the screening, we’d like to invite people to speak and share their memories of Helen. If you’d like to share a story, please email me at ellieleelee@gmail.com so I can schedule you in. If you have stories but can’t attend, please email them to me so I can read them aloud.

2) Just as importantly, Paul and Becky have very few photographs of Helen during her years at Harvard. We are trying to gather as many photos as we can for them. If possible, please email high-resolution (300 dpi) jpegs to me at ellieleelee@gmail.com or bring photos with you to give directly to Becky and Paul. With the digital copies emailed to us, we will also be creating a memorial board.

Please forward this email widely to friends and fans of Helen.

Thanks so much for your time, and we look forward to seeing many of you on June 9th.

With love,
Ellie Lee and Gabrielle Burton

Note from Paul

There is a new note from Paul that I have posted on the family notes page.

He gives us an update on what he and Francis Pop have been doing as well as some news about Helen’s 37th birthday.

Helen’s Birthday

Today marks Helen’s 37th birthday.

There have been a few tea parties in her honor around the world today. If you get the chance, raise a cup of tea to Helen today.

Happy Birthday, Helen. We miss you.

Four months

Today marks four months since Helen was taken from us.

Film Not Bombs: A Tribute to Helen Hill
Joseph Workman Theater (1001 Queen Street)
Friday, April 13
Screening: 3:00 PM
Admission: Sliding scale donation

Images Festival is honored to host a special memorial screening of short films by Helen Hill. Inspirational animator and prolific teacher, Helen Hill left her mark in the hearts of many students and audiences across North America from Nova Scotia to New Orleans with her warmth, generosity and magical hand-processed films. A selection of her work will be screened and vegan treats will be served. All proceeds for this event will be donated to the education fund of Helen’s son, Francis Pop.

Dave Hedges has organized a screening this weekend in Chicago at the Heaven Gallery.

1550 N. Malwaukee, 7pm, Saturday April 14th.

Helen Hill Flyer

I have just posted a letter from Helen’s family that gives details about the preservation and distribution of ten of Helen’s films:

  • Madame Winger Makes a Film
  • Mouseholes
  • Scratch and Crow
  • Film for Rosie
  • Vessel
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Bohemian Town
  • Your New Pig Is Down the Road
  • The World’s Smallest Fair
  • Rain Dance

Groups and festivals interested in screening Helen’s films can now contact Mark Johnson at the Harvard Film Archives (details in the letter.)

There is also a call for Helen’s papers, handouts, posters, zines, cells, puppets, and other works so that they can be included in the archives. please see the letter for details

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